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Retrieve data for reporting

Our SSP provides several reports, as highlighted in the screenshot below, but you might want to go a step further and access the raw data directly, especially if you want to ingest it on your own information systems and reporting tools. sTATS.png

We can provide the data through a dedicated AWS S3 bucket, in JSON format. Please contact support@viooh.com to get credentials.

The data set includes the following fields, please find the list below as well as a JSON sample.

  "DealID": "VIOOH-MO-US-0000000005",
  "Media Owner": "MO",
  "CampaignRef": "InternalvioohrefXX",
  "Play Date": "2019-08-27",
  "Play Hour": 16,
  "Frame": "frame UUID",
  "Latitude": 41.8422,
  "Longitude": -87.6319,
  "Post Code": "60616",
  "Sold Impression": 3596,
  "Width": 1044,
  "Height": 324,
  "Demand CPM": 3.5,
  "Spend": 12.586,
  "Creatives": {
    "0152302e3b111875692b5616527e3f28603b434c6852": 3596

For internal use by support; https://projectcyclone.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PI/pages/1880097497/C.5.+Reporting+readiness

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