Onboarding - OOH Seller

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Getting Started

Prior to reading the documentation below, we recommend you to check the following pre-requisites:

  1. Get familiar with our product suite and with the key overarching concepts and principles behind the VIOOH platform. Request a demo to supply@viooh.com, and check all our educational material. You will find our SSP user guide here, along with supporting videos.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the Entity Relationship Diagram and our Glossary. It describes all the key data points that feed the VIOOH platform, and how they are connected to each other. It will be published soon here. In the meantime please send an email to support@viooh.com to get more insights from our teams.

  3. Read through our API documentation on docs.viooh.com

  4. Liaise with our developers to discover best practices around using the API. We will soon publish an 'API - Getting Started' section that will provide information on testing environments, usage constraints, API semantics (running commands, filtering, sorting, etc.) and best practices.

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