Onboarding - OOH Seller

Maximise the power of your inventory with VIOOH

Order of operations

The VIOOH platform is the simplest way to sell your OOH inventory, but as we all know, OOH inventory and information is complex and varied. We've mapped out the necessary steps to onboard all the elements to make your onboarding process as smooth as possible.

Please first login to https://docs.viooh.com/ then follow the steps below in sequential order - this will avoid having to loop back on items later.

For instance, you should create your advertisers before your brands, so that when creating the brand you will be able to link it directly to the right advertiser.

Please find below the list of entities to create, in the right order for the initiation, with each time the link to the relevant API specification.


  1. Category Group
  2. Audience Category

3. Channel
4. Product Format

Digital Spec
5. Digital Spec

6. Tag Group (optional)
7. Tag (optional)

Product Categories
8. Category Group
9. Category

10. Organisation

11. Brand
12. Brand Organisation

13. Asset

14. Audience Version
15. Primary Audiences
16. Version Save

Once the above is done, you will be able to proceed with connecting your screens to our Adserver, and then with implementing the submission of the proof of play to the platform if required.

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