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Sync your audiences

You have now successfully created your screens and will be able to see them on the VIOOH platform, the next steps is load audience data in order to make your screen tradeable.


Your audience data will notably allow us to determine the multiplier value, which is the number of impressions delivered by a single ad play. This value will be sent by us in the bid requests so that DSPs can determine what they are buying and calculate their bid price (CPM * Multiplier/1000) for each bid response.

You will find very comprehensive documentation about our Audience API

Audience concentration indexes

We also support the usage of Audience Concentration Indexes. Those differ from impressions, as they don't quantify the number of people exposed to the ad, but rather a relative measure related to the affinity on a given demographic or consumer profile.

For instance:

  1. Let's assume that the segment 'Young actives' represents 20% of the population in the UK
  2. On the other hand, audience providers might have demonstrated that 40% of the visitors on the Westfield shopping mall belong to the 'Young Actives' category
  3. That means that you're 2 times more likely to reach the 'Young Actives' audience in this shopping mall than in the UK as a whole. The screens located there will then benefit from an Audience Concentration Index of 200.

We are not yet supporting the loading of audience concentration indexes through our API, but it's coming very soon.
In the meantime, we provide solutions to load your indexes through a batch process, please contact support@viooh.com for more details.

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